Sukhumvit 77, (On-Nut) Soi 36 , Khwaeng Suan Luan, Building/House 202, Bangkok 10250

Gift of Happiness Foundation

Sukhumvit 77, (On-Nut) Soi 36 , Khwaeng Suan Luan, Building/House 202, Bangkok 10250


Gift of Happiness Foundation provides positive sustainable development through educational comedy show productions provided by world class professionals and trainee entertainers.

The idea of starting this charity was born in 1992 by British and Swedish born circus performers, Mr & Mrs Eddie & Charlotte Haworth when they ran circus training workshops for disadvantaged kids in Liverpool, UK.

In 2000, Eddie was invited to perform at a charity event held at the British Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. Following that performance and a few more for the slum kids in Bangkok, it was quickly decided to bring more gifts of laughter and educational entertainment to orphans and poor families in Thailand.

Now supported by a team of dedicated volunteers, Gift of Happiness Foundation is not tied to supporting just a few children at only one location. Therefore, this unique charity has the freedom to provide joy to thousands of children in urban and remote locations throughout the country.

What we actually do.

The Foundation regularly gives simple interactive and educational comedy shows to those whose lives quite often contain little joy. We also give away tons of essential goods during our aid giving projects, delivered where it's needed most and at least once every month of the year.

Who we help.

Orphans, vulnerable street children, Bangkok slum dwellers, families living on garbage dumps, AIDS centres and facilities housing physically or mentally challenged children. We regularly serve medical centres, crisis centres for abused women, communities of migrant worker families and people displaced by civil war who live in refugee camps.

What we actually give.

The charity gives children and their family’s basic necessities like clothing, bedding, medical supplies, educational equipment, toys, agricultural tools and tons more useful goods. The children always get to see a top class professional comedy show to leave them with a fantastic memory that noone can ever steel from them!

Here’s how you can help.

If you have any unwanted clothing, bedding, toys, school supplies, household items, etc., we would be pleased to accept them for redistribution to those in need. You can also buy new essentials (via our website) for children who have no one else to provide such important things.

Thank you. 

A registered charity in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Registration number: K T 1914. Tax I.D: 0-9930-00092-26-1
Member of the League of Foundations of Thailand.


Sukhumvit 77, (On-Nut) Soi 36 , Khwaeng Suan Luan, Building/House 202, Bangkok 10250
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