How Old Are You Actually?

How Old Are You Actually?
Everyone desires to grow older gracefully, but most of us will develop chronic diseases such as heart, adult-onset diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure that may negatively influence life expectancy as well as quality of life. Health promotion, illness avoidance and suitable treatment interventions are important to living a longer and much healthier life.

Chronological Age versus Biological Age

Chronological age is assessed in calendar years and inevitability raises as time passes. Biological age is identified by how badly or good your body functions structured on diagnostic test result calculations. Consequently, if your biological age is bigger than your chronological age, your body is working at what is predicted for somebody who is older than you, and interventions ought to be encouraged. Biological aging is affected by your genetic make-up, way of life behaviours and conditions. Determining your biological age allows your VitalLife healthcare professional to evaluate and manage your risk for future illness.

Just how Do We Calculate Biological Age?

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