Eddy Bellavoine, Life of an Expat in Bangkok

Eddy Bellavoine, Life of an Expat in Bangkok
  1. Where are you from and How long have you been living in Thailand?

I am French, and I am in Thailand for 21 years already

  1. Where do you work here, what position?

I work with Administration Outsourcing Co., Ltd, an accounting services provider, and I am Sales and Marketing Director

  1. How did you find this position?

I have been approached by the owner

  1. What’s it like to work here?

Working in Thailand is in many ways different from back home. But basically, when we can blend well with the company culture, then challenges are lessened. Speaking the language is a big plus if not a must. And keeping calm is paramount.

  1. Are you living alone or with your family?

I am happily married

  1. How did you come to be living in Thailand, what made you decide to come here?

I was working for a French Group, and I was the Export Sales Director. I was traveling a lot in Asia, and found it more practical to relocate in Thailand.

  1. What do you miss most from your home country?

Not much actually, except for some cold and snowy days sometimes!

  1. Do you speak any Thai? Do you think it's important to speak some Thai?

I do. It is in my opinion a big plus. It makes life easier, and also it is a mark of respect for the country we live in.

  1. Have you enjoyed the holiday resorts of Hua Hin, Phuket etc? Or do you have a favourite getaway place?

I have enjoyed some, and my preference goes to the North of Thailand. Chiang Rai is a really great place

  1. How about housing, how is the rental market or did you buy a property?

It is rather easy to find a home for rent. I like being on the outskirt of Bangkok rather than in the city center(s). Prices are more reasonable, and traffic more bearable. Being close to BTS is a great advantage too. We also have some property in another province

  1. What about the cost of living in Thailand? What are the good and bad points?

Way lower than back home obviously, but bangkok tends to get more and more expensive. Everything is available here, and I can not say I miss anything from back home. The bad thing though are traffic and pollution in Bangkok.

  1. What do you appreciate the most about Thailand?

How easy it is to settle here, despite the new regulations.

  1. Is it easy to make new friends? Thai or expats?

Very easy, both Thai and expats

  1. How is the local expat scene, do you get involved?

Very active! I am involved mostly professionally

  1. What were the biggest challenges you faced when you moved here?

Actually, not much. Opening a representative office all by myself was quite an interesting experience

  1. What surprised you most about Thailand?

             Food! Outstanding, tasty, and so many types!

  1. When you have free time, what do you like to do?

Motorbiking around Thailand

  1. What is a ‘day in your life’ here?

Usually work. It means going around to visit customers and prospects. Professional networking events at night, some in the morning. Weekends are usually with family, or motorbike trips

  1. How long are you likely to stay in Thailand, if you like it and your contract expires, would you find another job here or just move on?

No plan to relocate anywhere else.

  1. What would be first on your list, if you were the Bangkok Governor?

Fight traffic and pollution. It becomes insane to see how many cars, buses, trucks are on the roads every day. I would definitely make the access in the city extremely regulated, and expensive!

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